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But the Byzantine empire built most of the castle in the 13th Century. The Blue Eye of Theth is a great place to visit during your Albania holidays. The waterfall has a thin body and it is 30 meters high. Furthermore, it is possible to discover several sunken ships along the coast. But over time the different rulers of Albania expanded the castle and made improvements. The water originates from a black underwater cave, which looks like the pupil of a human eye. The main attraction in the city is Skanderbeg Square, where you will find the monument dedicated to hero Gjergj Kastrioti Sknderbeu. Moreover, the mountains are beautiful; There are enormous peaks, green valleys and old forests. Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2, British Airways, Norwegian Air, Thomas Cook and Tui all fly to Corfu from several UK airports. You can visit one of the many lake side restaurants or enjoy a day on the sandy beach. Jet2 holidays offer one of the lowest standard low deposit holidays options with deposits just 60 per person. I am an Albania Tour Guide, who organizes 1-day, 2-day or multiple day private tours in Albania. And most importantly, you can disconnect and really focus on the beautiful nature around. From the Theth village it takes around 40 minutes to climb to the waterfall. The eagle showed his gratitude by rewarding the man with his powers and proclaiming his people sons of eagles. Although the castle was built in the 5th or 6th century, it is mostly known as the home of Albanias national hero Skanderbeg. Moreover, there are also activities outside, like horse-back riding, target shooting or a childrens playground. If you will only visit one site, then you cannot miss the archaeological site of Butrint. In that case you can travel to Shkodra city and take a car or bus to visit Theth. The sandy beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and is a beautiful sight. Albania is still in the process of developing itself as a holiday destination. The Bazaar was built over 500 years ago and it still has the cobblestone street and the medieval buildings. After a 3-hour boat journey, you will arrive at the other end in Fierze. The waterfall originates from the top of the Tomorr Mountain and falls down the limestone cliff, therefore the view is breath-taking. .because it is like leaving the 21st-century behind and visiting the past. The cave has been used by ships throughout centuries, therefore, many archaeological findings were found here. Albanias former communist dictator, Enver Hoxha, was paranoid for an attack. Moreover, it is the birthplace for the former dictator Enver Hoxha, therefore, it was well kept during the dictators regime. Many historians believe that the Albanian people are descendants from the ancient Illyrians. However, from the roof of the castle, you will have a superb view of the sea. Many of whom were arrested, prosecuted, convicted and executed. The highlight of the visiting the castle are the stunning sea views from the hill. There is a wooden plateau on the top of a rock from where you can take beautiful pictures. The street was created by a famous painter from Shkodra called Kole Idromeno. The museum shows photographs of three generations of the photographers from the Marubi family. The Lake Koman ferry feels like a great adventure. Alanya holidays Alanya is a city of two halves a rocky peninsula divides its two Blue Flag beaches, while night and day split your holiday into laid-back sunbathing experiences with The water is bright blue and crystal clear. Archaeologists discovered the monument was in the 1960s. The natural springs of Drilon are the origin of the Drin River. The most iconic historical figure from the country is Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa, who was born to Albanian parents as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. Which was later passed on to Kels son. Moreover, the fortress is on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage awaiting a decision on its future. Butrint is close to the city Saranda, Ksamil beach and Gjirokastra, therefore, you can combine your trip. The locals in the south had easier contact with Greece and Corfu, then with the North of Albania. Moreover, the canyon is surrounded by cliffs and beautiful nature. There is also some small caf and restaurants on the twin islands, so that you can enjoy a drink and food while you are there. It is possible to swim in the water inside the cave. The Albanian love their national music and the traditional dances. The communist dictator was obsessed by the idea of a foreign nuclear attack. There are also several restaurants around who serve Albanian, Italian and Greek cuisine. The beach itself has lovely clear water and a pebble stone beach. The most impressive place for sightseeing in Gjirokastra city is the castle. The Skanderbeg Museum is a museum dedicated to Albanias national hero Skanderbeg. Before you reach the beach site, you will first see the St. George Monastery on the top of the hill. You can swim in fresh blue mountain water. Say hello to the Jet2 app! During the communism, the area was restricted to the public. From Gramsh, you drive onwards to the Sotira village. I still remember one of my first trips to Albania, when a family I did not know invited me to their home to celebrate New Years Eve. Albania is known locally as Shqiperia, meaning the land of the eagle. Two of the islands are close to the beach, therefore, you can simply swim across. The coastal road is a link between the city of Vlore to the city of Saranda. The flight time from London to Tirana is around 3 hours. In the past, the mountain range isolated the south part of the coast from the rest of the country. The house is a traditional tower-house. Jet2 Corfu Holidays Corfu is an island off the northwest coast of mainland Greece in the Ionian sea near the Greek border with Albania. Albania is a land of stunning and unspoilt scenery waiting to be discovered. The experience is breath-taking, but also scary if you realize you start from 934m above the sea level. The promenade in the centre of the city is paved with cobblestones and along the street there are traditional houses from the 1800s. One of most popular places to stay in Valona is Rilindja Hotel, which is owned by an American lady called Catherine. The spring has a magical blue and green color, which looks almost unnatural. Therefore, Albania holidays are still charming and authentic. Plants and threes have grown around the monuments, which makes it an incredibly beautiful place. Moreover, hotel stays are very affordable. And if you need any help or you have a question, they will be incredibly eager to help you during your trip. Of course, it depends on where you are going in Albania. Sailors carved symbols and letters into the rocks throughout history. Lake Ohrid is a gigantic lake, which is located on the border between Albania, Macedonia and Greece. He had great military skills and fought against the Turkish Ottomans for 25 years. On you visit to Gjirokastra city, you cannot miss the lively Bazaar market. The bridge is made of round rocks and stone plates and it crosses the Kir river. Shkodra is a good base for visiting the Albanian Alps on hiking or mountain-biking holidays. The area became popular after fall of the communism. The park is located on a little peninsula and surrounded by water. And you can see large dragon flies on the surface of the lake. Click here for more information about Ksamil beach, Free Albania Planning Session via Skype / WhatsApp / Zoom. Amongst the locals, the peak is called the crown and the lakes are the pearls of Albania. Berat has many monuments and old churches to explore. The city was originally founded by Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth. The best part about driving yourself, is that you will have the opportunity to stop at any of the beaches of the Albanian Riviera along the way. Touristic attractions are low in price. The hottest month of the year in Gibraltar is August, when the mercury stays above 28oC. It found that in eight out of ten cases for May 2021 Mediterranean getaways, package holidays work out cheaper than booking your flights and hotel separately. In fact, one Jet2holiday was a whopping 234 less! And with ABTA and ATOL protection for peace of mind included too, its a win-win. Why book one of our package holidays? The only airport in Albania is near the capital city Tirana. The pools are in a spectacular setting in the middle of the nature. Locals do advice through that it is best to visit the canyon with a local guide, as it requires a significant climb. The theatre was built in the 2nd century AD and it is the largest amphitheatre in the Balkan Peninsula. The bridge is one of those hidden beauties that you should absolutely visit during your Albania holidays. If you have time, there are two excellent museums inside the castle walls: the Skanderbeg Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. Himara has a very Mediterranean feel, as the hills are covered with olive and citrus fruit trees. Explore the virtually unspoilt mountains of the Albanian Alps. After the drive, you will arrive in the Pellumbas village, which is beautiful with amazing mountains around. This is reflected in the countrys archaeological sites, which show evidence of all three having existed there. Himara is a small seaside town along the Albanian Riviera. The castle was built by the Romans. Afterwards, continue onwards to the canyon of the river or return to the village for a lovely lunch. It is in a very good condition, so you can walk on the bridge to take pictures of the landscape and river. Butrint is a beautiful park surrounded by water with excellent monuments inside the park. You can also visit the old town on the hill. The bridge has 13 arches, but none of them are equal they all have different shapes and sizes. Balkans off the Beaten Track - Discover Albania & North Macedonia. There is also a clock tower on the grounds and a lovely little caf. The ferry journey is beautiful, because the boat sails through massive limestone mountains. Inside the house, you can see the original interior from the Ottoman period. You should visit Permet during your Albania holidays, because of its natural beauty. The rafting trip starts from the foot of the Nemercka mountain and takes you downstream to the city of Permet. Or you can drive along the river to Nderlysa, park the car and start your hike there. The hiking tour is truly a break from everything you know. Around 66% of the area is urban. Thats right, we pack our ABTA and ATOL-protected All Inclusive holidays with lots of good stuff to make your getaway nice and easy. The cave is so large that it can hold several speedboats at the time. The market has a narrow cobble-stone street with wooden boutiques along the side. How can I help you? The Llogara Pass is the highest point (1027m) on the coastal road between Vlore and Saranda. There are parasols and chairs along the pool side to relax and there are tropical bars and restaurants on site. Moreover, in the early 19th century the castle was owned by Ali Pasha of Tepelena. You can visit the nearby Kanine Castle from where you have an amazing view of the Bay of Vlore and the surrounding valley. During the communist period, Albania was isolated from the rest of the world, similar to North Korea today. The Blue Eye Spring is a sight, that you must visit during your Albania holidays. The experience gives you a unique insight in Albanias history. At Saranda whitewashed houses line the bay. And finally, you can watch an episode of Top Gear Car show, where the presenters race each other on the Llogara Pass. And a gallery about the terror of the communism period with pictures of prisons, concentration camps and political murders. Tipping is not expected in Albania but its commonplace to round up the bill in restaurant if you are happy with the service. And the bright blue water resembles the iris of a human eye. The Ottoman style houses are still in use today, and many have been converted into hotels and coffee houses. And as a highlight, you can enjoy the most magical sunset from the beach site. All Albanian people own a traditional costume. The water is clear blue and you can walk across the beautiful arched bridge from one quarter to the other. For the freedom of your own space and the perks of a package holiday, choose Jet2Villas. Your villa, return flights, 22kg baggage and hire car are all included to make things easier for you! Treat yourself to one of our ultra-luxurious holidays. You will not be able to use this site without JavaScript. If you want to be active during your Albania holidays, sea kayaking in Albania is a great way to explore the country. You will see that the beach is surrounded by rocky piers that surround the bay. Although to be frank the visit to the cold war tunnel is a little creepy. There are two main spoken dialects of Albanian, southern Tosk and northern Gheg. Saranda is a lively, young city with a variety of night-life. From the beach, you can see little islands across the bay. You will need an adapter. After nearly 400 years as a part of the Turkish Ottoman empire, it became independent. Minority languages include Greek, Romani, Serb and Bulgarian. Therefore, the hot water is said to have healing capacities. Holiday by Albania's pristine sandy beaches such as Vlora and Dhermi along the beautiful Adriatic and Ionian Sea coastlines. Then there is a wall displayed that kept Albanias population from leaving the country. Saturday 08.00-16.00 (CET), To see Albania Holidays certificates, licenses and membership please click here, Copyright © 2023 Albania Holidays Ltd. All rights reserved.Powered by Manderina Promotions. It is worth having a look inside because it has beautiful mosaics, paintings and wooden lamps. Because in order to dive the cave, you must dive against the enormous pressure of the water pumping upwards. Berat is a major touristic attraction, because it is very picturesque. Albanias not a member of the tried-and-tested holiday club, so you can expect a real untapped to-do list. From the castle, there is a breath-taking view across the Ionian Sea. Welcome to Albania!I am a Private Tour Guide in Albania. The park is located in the North of Albania, close the neighbouring countries Kosovo and Montenegro. The latest plan is to change the pyramid into a technology centre for youth. To reach the castle you must drive up the winding road through the valley. Moreover, the Blue Eye of Albania and UNESCO World heritage Butrint are nearby. Which means you stay with the family and you can have a family meal. When a trip surprises me, it is usually the highlight of my holiday. The castle of Petrela is only a 20-minute drive from Tirana, therefore, it is a lovely destination for an afternoon trip during your Albania holidays. As a matter of fact, Albania has not been in any war since the Second World War. And I never kayaked to a little island. Skenduli House is a historical sight you can visit whilst in Gjirokastra. The city is a very cultural place, as it is the home to many artists, musicians, painters, photographers, poets and writers. Albania has a hot and dry summer. Please visit our Help centre for more support if you have a question about your booking or flight. From the Pellumbas village, you can hike to the Canyon of the Erzen river. The canyon is absolutely gorgeous and the water is crystal clear. The Grunas Canyon is a natural monument in the Theth National Park. Moreover, the drive takes you across the Llogara Pass up to a high of 1043 meters above the sea level. Shkodra is the largest city in the North of Albania and it is very popular amongst tourists. If you can, try to visit Gramata Bay during your Albania holidays. You can hear the sound of the water crashing on the rocks and it feels very calming. The hike is a true adventure, and one of the best places to visit during your Albania holidays. Before the entrance, you walk through a long, dark tunnel in the hillside with scary music in the background. There is also a gorgeous beer garden next door with delicious food. On the Albanian shores of the Lake Ohrid, you can visit the lake side town Pogradec. The minibuses dont really have a timetable; they simply depart when the minibus is full. If you like to travel off-the-beaten track, you should visit Korab during your Albania holidays. Jala Beach and Gjipe beach are hidden paradise beaches of the Albanian Riviera. The Albanian alphabet has 36 letters and the words are spelled phonetically. The drive to Radomire is about 40 kilometers and takes 1.5-2 hours. You can find more information below. We provide professional arrangements for: tours, events, venue selection, team building activities, shore excursions for cruises and more. The Cold War Tunnel is a gigantic bunker with 80 rooms. Then the adventure starts, from the village you will take a 2 km trail towards the black cave. The next morning, you can hike across the Valbona Pass to the mountain village of Theth. The Valbona Valley is usually covered in show between November and May, therefore, you must plan your visit across the summer months. The Roman Amphitheatre of Durres is in the centre of the city Durres, therefore, it is easy to visit during your Albania holidays. Thats a promise. The mosaic tells the story of all the foreign countries that occupied the Albania in the past. For the longer hike, you can start from the Theth village and walk along the left side of the river to Nderlysa for 6.5 km. A close second is the historical city of Berat. more After which you and your flight instructor will both wear a harness, and both will be connected to the glider together. Travel to Albania, Visit Albania, Albania Tourism, - Albania Holidays If you plan on visiting Theth, for instance, do rent a 4-wheel drive for that part of your journey. How they prepared themselves for marriage. There is a Cliff-top restaurant built on the edge of the Dajti mountain. The Valbona National Park is a highlight to visit during your Albania holidays. You can visit and taste several of the beers on the tap. And finally, when youre planning your trip to Albania you definitely want to remember travel insurance. The Cold War Tunnel is an enormous bunker built underneath the castle of Gjirokastra. It also has a rich cultural history and throughout history it was ruled by the Romans, Serbians, Venetians and the Ottomans. The main attraction in Berat city is the beautiful castle on the top of the hill, which is called Kala Castle. The beauty of visiting Theth is the virgin and untouched wilderness. The bridge was built in the 18th century by a local leader. The theatre could hold 15000 18000 spectators, which is roughly a third of the capacity of the Colosseum in Rome. Experience is not necessary, because most participants choose for Tandem Paragliding. The grave site was discovered by archeologists in the late sixties. Bashtova castle is in a very strategic position, because the fortress is near the mouth of the Shkumbini River and just a few kilometers of the Adriatic coast. The tower house was owned by a wealthy administrative family. Skanderbeg became a hero because of his efforts to fight for freedom for Albania. The only way to visit the cave is by boat from Vlore. In Berat and Gjirokastra, you can see the traditional houses dating back to the Ottoman period. If you like diving during the Albania holidays, there are many underwater treasures that you can discover. The bay is mostly known for the Castle which is set on a little peninsula. I am an Albania Tour Guide, who organizes 1-day, 2-day or multiple day private tours in Albania. This is partially due to the communist history when few people owned a car and partially because it is a flat city. The Mesi bridge was voted the top bridge to visit in Albania by TripAdvisor. If you like hiking, you must visit Theth during you Albania holidays. Holidays in other countries Holidays are calculated using the local time in Tirana Upcoming Holidays (February to June 2023) While we diligently research and update our holiday dates, some of the information in the table above may be preliminary. The Cathedral is hard to miss because it is gigantic, and it dominates the centre of Korce. From the Dajti balcony, you can hike to the highest peak of the Dajti mountain. The city was wealthy and had a famous school of philosophy. As a result, it has been used as a natural harbour since antiquity. Gramata bay can only be reached by boat and is therefore very private. You can also see stone carvers perform their craft. Just open a guidebook about Albania and it will shortlist the ferry journey in their top ten. And the beach to the south, which is larger but less developed. Once you have reached the upper station with the Cable Car, there is a variety of activities to choose from. And with ABTA and ATOL protection for peace of mind included too, its a win-win. To answer your question: Albania is most definitely a safe country. The ruins date back to the Bronze Age, and many houses were built within the old castles walls. 3, Bathore, KamezTirana 1030,Albania+355 69 45 40 But only under the condition that her breast would be exposed to feet her baby, one foot exposed to rock the babies cradle and one arm to sooth the baby. The standard voltage in Albania is 230 volts. If you are visiting Valbona and Theth during your Albania holidays. Therefore, he constructed 750.000 bunkers all across the country to protect the population in case of an attack, but the attack never came. The language was standardized a lot later with a first standardization in 1908 and the second time in 1972. There is a parking space and some restaurants from where you can stop for refreshments. Because Albania is still new as a tourist destination and unknow to you, that does not mean it is not safe. By diving can discover the beautiful underwater creatures. The building of the museum was originally the first school of Albanian language. There are also people, who cover their skin in the black mud, which is good for the skin. Ionian Cruises ferries run from Corfu to Saranda in Albania. The historic city of Gjirokastra, the Blue Eye spring and the Archaeological park of Butrint are all nearby. After the death of the dictator in 1985, the communist regime was continued until 1991 by his successor. Country-specific information and advice on possible health risks is also published by the National Travel Health Network and Centre and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office provides important health and safety information for British nationals travelling abroad. The Lock-in tower is to protect the man next in line to be killed. Furthermore, foods and drinks are extremely low in price and usually very fresh. Moreover, from Jala Beach you can take a boat ride to Gjipe beach. The tombs are 2300 year old graves that belonged to the Illyrian Kings. Inside the castle, you can enter the Museum of Arms. How they processed wool, to make traditional hats. I arrange your transportation and I am your English speaking guide. Intrepid explorers can enjoy relaxing in Tiranas largest recreation centre in the Dajti Mountains, where visitors can take guided hikes up the mountain trails or enjoy some leisurely horseback riding along some of the beautiful scenic detours Tirana has to offer. Skanderbeg used the castle for his resistance. Some of the hidden beaches, like Monastery Beach, require a hike. The lake is one of Europes deepest and oldest lakes, the lake is 30 km long and 288 meters deep. The former dictator of Albania was paranoid and afraid of a nuclear attack. The hot water from the natural springs is rich in minerals. There is also the small castle of Lekursi, which offers a stunning view across the town and sea. The castle is in a beautiful setting on the top of a hill surrounded by olive trees and holiday villas. The Resurrection Cathedral in Korce is the largest orthodox church in Albania. The historical house was built in the period that Albania was ruled by the Ottoman Turks. The bunker has now been converted into a museum about the communist regime.

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