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A game may start and proceed with one umpire should it become necessary to do so. In March civil twilight starts at 06:30 or earlier, so there will be quite enough light for sightseeing at that point. 8.00 Meetings and Voting Procedures Oversee all League discipline including suspension and fines during regular and post season. In order to be playoff eligible, players must fulfill one of following: 13.11 Player Eligibility Tracking When a delay is called, all players and coaches are to stay at the park in a safe area in uniform. Forfeits may occur as a result of, but are not limited to: (Note: teams that are terminated may reapply for entry but will be considered a new team and if accepted they will be under probation for three seasons. In the event of a forfeited game that never started (a 7-0 no show or prearranged forfeit where the game is not played) the forfeiting teams players receive no credit for any player in attendance. The YBL will also make available all names that we receive from the website signup system in a player pool. The schedule for the tournament will be: 1:00 PM - Boston Park League @ Intercity League 4:30 PM - Cranberry Baseball League @ Yawkey Baseball League 7:30 PM - Championship Game These will all be 9 inning games. 16.10 Intentional Walks We strongly urge that teams work to build from players that are not currently on any YBL roster from the prior season. 12.09 Conflict Consideration may be given for a team that makes an effort to inform the league prior to 24 hours of the start time that a forfeit will result and such notice enables the league to notify the opponent and the assigned umpires in advance. All batters, baserunners, catchers and base coaches must wear un-cracked protective helmets. * Square footage definitions vary. The membership must be notified, in writing (email), of any proposed amendments as a part of the agenda for the meeting. Teams will compete every other week (schedules permitting) followed with season ending playoffs. A minimum of two umpires will be assigned to work each post-season game. Schedule a Tour Request . 11.01 League Format The ex-officio board member would be someone who holds a special talent, skill or expertise or be someone who may be asked to perform a special task, assignment or project for the league. 19.00 Bylaws and Amendments 15.01 Regular Season Standings Home fields and seeding for teams tied for the 1st through 7th playoff spots will be determined by head to head records, when possible, by record versus tied opponents; then by record versus playoff teams in the order of finish or conference record. A fined player may not participate in any league games until the League Treasurer has received payment of the fine in hand. The game features the Tarpey Legends, managed by Brian Carey (Cambridge Bucs), playing the Stewart Legends, managed by Mike Powers (Somerville Alibrandis). No soft caps are to be worn. Any player who participates in a game must be listed as active on the .400Hitter website prior to the start of the game. Players may not be recruited or contacted by any existing franchise holder/team official for the express purpose to take them away from another existing YBL team. We hope to see plenty of fans at Cunny for the first pitch, including some ATBC alumni. The use NCAA Slide Rule will be in effect at all YBL games. The Golf Tournament is our largest fund raiser and we need YBL members to volunteer to run this event. Schedule: Yawkey League The current schedule for the East Boston Expos in the Yawkey Baseball League in Boston, Massachusetts. 11.10 Day Off Request Additional duties will be assigned Members-at-Large as needed by the Board of Directors. 7.01 Election of Officers Theyll be afforded an opportunity to address the Board of Directors regarding deficient areas in question. Yawkey Sports Center Basketball League January 21 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Recurring Event (See all) The Yawkey Sports Training Center, home to Special Olympics MA will be one of the host sites for Special Olympics MA basketball leagues. ***SPECIAL NOTE: Rules 3.05, 3.06 and 3.07 are safety rules. All players playing in a game must be listed as active at the start of the game. Players will not receive credit for games attended if no card is submitted. Want to see some good baseball? He will contact the Parks Department to work on the situation (do not call the COB directly). The Board of Directors will determine the format, ground rules and logistics necessary to fulfill its obligation to do what is best for the League during any hearing or appeals process. 21.00 League Discipline We do however ask that you use certified umpires by contacting the YBL Umpire Assigner who will work with you on an assignment and the cost. A Franchise Holder or Manager must make an appeal to the President Emeritus via phone, email or in person within 24 hours of the penalty being announced. In cases where a franchise holder or team official has been found to have recruited or contacted any players (regardless of whether they move or not), a team will be sanctioned and penalized. Details are provided during meetings, email and social media. Rounds one and two will be a Best-of-5 series and the final round shall be a Best-of-7 series. 16.11 Early Termination Rules Team management is responsible for notifying the Commissioner promptly in order to be granted a military waiver. The membership officer will establish the format, ground rules, logistics and other necessary requirements to accomplish the task. Lifetime, they are 30-11 overall, with 1 tie. If not resolved by these methods the Board of Directors will determine the method needed to resolve the tie including a coin toss. Pop-out to Cunningham Park in Milton this Sunday at 3 PM. (Note: Forfeiture is further explained in YBL rule 11.09). The Yawkey Baseball League, Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 1994 - Mike Curran . Team management is responsible for notifying the Board of Directors with proper documentation from a medical doctor in order to be granted an injury waiver. 3.09 Manager/Coaches 4.06 Appeal of Revocation of Membership The line-up cards will be cross-checked with the .400Hitter website to substantiate and verify the eligibility of players. 2.02 Franchise Holder When the deadline for nominations has closed and there are no contested positions for the Board of Directors the League Secretary will cast a single vote for the slate of candidates assembled. Following his retirement, Kiner served from 1956 through 1960 as general manager of the Pacific Coast League San Diego Padres. Phone: (617) 938-7150 Park League's Walter Bentson Helps Organize 100 Innings of Baseball Marathon Game to Strike Out ALS October 28, 2022 - 1:30 pm; 4 Amazing Baseball Apps Seeking an Appearance December 22, 2021 - 2:05 pm; Packy Naughton to Debut in the Show August 4, 2021 - 8:07 am; Josh Bez of the Boston Blue Jays is Top MLB Prospect July 2, 2021 - 12:38 pm . The .400Hitter website must include the players full, legal name, uniform number, DOB, address, phone number(s) and biographical information. Any pitcher that is ejected for intentionally throwing at a batter shall be suspended for the teams next four consecutive games. The home team should explain to the visiting team and the umpires the ground rules. 13.08 Playoff Meeting The YBL championship will consist of three rounds of play. If more than two teams are tied for the final playoff spot a round robin single game elimination will be played. Freedom of Speech will always be honored but airing negativity in a public forum can reflect poorly on everyone. 7.04 Ex-Officio Board Members Name: Nick Johnson Bats: Right Throws: Right HS/College/Pro: Chicago White Sox/University of Rhode Island A non-refundable $50.00 application/interview fee plus a $200.00 deposit of a franchise fee will be required of all new applicants. Prior to all games, each team will discuss and review the ground rule for the park. 3.05 Helmets 2019-20 Schedule. (Note: Failure to attend a meeting where a quorum of teams is in attendance could result in votes being taken without your input). This player is eligible to play any position without restriction. 6.12 Changing Clothes In this instance the team requiring a game to be rescheduled will be required to reimburse the league the amount of $75.00. 3.06 Catcher Equipment (reference MLB 1.12) If there is a dispute on a particular play or plays, we ask that you meet post game to be sure the scorebooks match to assure stats that are updated on .400Hitter are correct and match. Teams are asked to contact the YBL Scheduler in the preseason of any and all dates that will prohibit your team from fielding a team. At no time can a Yawkey League player obtain an injury waiver if he is found to be healthy enough to play in another league at that time. 11.00 Regular Season Schedule An ejection automatically cancels a members playoff credit for that game. Latest News Three games scheduled for second week May 13, 2013 --- The second week of the schedule has the Black Sox playing three games. (Note: The daily activation and deactivation of players is vital to compliance.). If the road team is winning, the home team will still get to bat in the bottom of that inning. Rich Hill (Al Thomas Club of Milton) is the number one starter for the Chicago Cubs. Yawkey Sports Center Basketball League February 25, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Recurring Event (See all) The Yawkey Sports Training Center, home to Special Olympics MA will be one of the host sites for Special Olympics MA basketball leagues. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Yawkey_Baseball_League&oldid=1116448419, Articles lacking sources from November 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Continuing the Yawkey Baseball Tradition in Boston, This page was last edited on 16 October 2022, at 16:39. Recent Scores | All Summaries: Show Umpires Date Teams Location: Status : May : 21: Sat: 5:00PM @ Al Thomas Athletics 6, Brighton Black Sox 5: Cunningham Park: Final : 25: Wed: 7:30PM Al Thomas Athletics 14 @ Brighton Braves 0 . 19.03 Editorial Changes The Yawkey Baseball League will provide a healthy environment for the players of our communities. Teams are defined as Franchises. Should a team fail to field a team by the end of the grace period then the game may be declared a forfeit. The COE is developed for the general welfare and betterment of our league. 17.03 Protests at Game This list may include and is not limited to the following. Managers, coaches, players and umpires should check these places prior to every game to verify a games status. Latest News. Sabers Baseball - 2022 Boston Park League Schedule & Scores By Date | By Field Regular Season | Post Season | All. 19.01 Approval Failure to complete your make up schedule will result in forfeits for any make up games that are scheduled and not played. Revoked franchises (YBL 3.00) may appeal the decision to the membership of franchise holders. The YBL Code of Ethics has been developed in order to help create a guideline as to the behavior that is expected of all Yawkey Baseball League participants. 3 beds, 2 baths, 9,999 sq ft 12 Month Lease,$3,600 deposit, Feb. 1. Although only covering three percent (9,440 km 2) of our national land area, our Region is home to around 1.7 million inhabitants, which is about a third of the country's total population. Additional financial requirements may be added for other league events or undertakings. Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2021 Schedule, Fixtures . If there is a dispute, it needs to be resolved prior to the start of the game in the pregame conference. Enforce adherence to the rules, guidelines, directives and code of ethics of the league. The term for each office on the Board of Directors is one year (January to December). No more than 25 players may be listed on the line-up card for any one game as well as no more than 25 players may be listed as active on .400Hitter at any one time. The Commissioner and President Emeritus will schedule and run all meetings. Amateur Baseball League The Major League baseball rulebook shall govern the playing of all league games except for the following rules adopted for use in the YBL. (Note: There is no cost for a hearing on a protested game.). Our Mission Statement is as follows: Teams are responsible for being ready to play when the umpires are ready to resume. The Board of Directors will be the final decision makers without appeal if a conflict persists. Continue relationship with Boston City Hall and the Boston Red Sox Organization. Game personnel will not use language that reflects negatively on opposing players, coaches, umpires or spectators. Park League's Walter Bentson Helps Organize 100 Innings of Baseball Marathon Game to Strike Out ALS October 28, 2022 - 1:30 pm; 4 Amazing Baseball Apps Seeking an Appearance December 22, 2021 - 2:05 pm; Packy Naughton to Debut in the Show August 4, 2021 - 8:07 am; Josh Bez of the Boston Blue Jays is Top MLB Prospect July 2, 2021 - 12:38 pm . Its a unique opportunity to play with and get to know some of the familiar faces in the Yawkey League that Im used to playing against.

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